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Breed: Male Cairn
Wichita, Kansas
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Born: July 2004
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Wichita, Kansas
Weight: 23 pounds. - I'm a BIG boy!

Favorite food: Baked Chicken - Oh yeah; that's what I'll beg for.

Favorite toy: A blue rubber tube & small balls.

Favorite activity: I love playing fetch, or chasing my little Cairn sister, Tessie, through the house.

Special talents: I give "unconditional" love to my human family, and my little Cairn sister, Tessie.

Most embarrassing moment: I like to go "potty" in the vet's reception area. Yep, every time I visit that place! I'm not embarrassed about the habit, but my Mom and Dad are.

Most trouble I ever got into: I chewed a hole in the carpeting, when I was "teething", plus I chewed the corner of Mom's hand-made doll cabinet off. After that, Mom and Dad "grounded" me to the 4' X 4' play pen, when they couldn't keep a close eye on me.

My favorite friends: My little Cairn sister, Tessie. I just love that gal!

Biggest adventure: I broke my leash one night, when I saw a rabbit, and ran after that silly thing until I got totally lost. It took my Mom and Dad nearly 4 hours to find me (mid-night to 4 AM!). I actually thought I had found our home, and was sitting on someone else's front porch, when my parents spotted me. It was like a scene out of an old Lassie movie. When I saw my Dad get out of the van, I ran as fast and hard as I could, and leaped right into his open arms. I licked Dad's face, and I think he licked mine. Lesson Learned - Beware of rabbits! They'll lead you astray every time.

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