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Breed: Male Westie
North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
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Born: 10/13/2001
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Weight: 22

Favorite food: Bacon, tomatos (really!).

Favorite toy: My stretchy stuffed wiener dog.

Favorite activity: Eating.

Special talents: Barking in my sleep.

Most embarrassing moment: It had snowed the day before. I went outside to potty, stepped on a stick and it stuck me in the rear. I thought something had bitten me so I jumped and backed into a snow covered bush. When I did that, a couple of inches of snow slid off the top of the bush and clonked me right on top of the head. My mom thought it was hilarious.

Most trouble I ever got into: When someone left a bag of Charms Blow Pops where I could reach them.

My favorite friends: Sprite, Addie, Shelley and Lassie.

Biggest adventure: Going to Seabrook Island and chasing sea gulls on the beach.

Member since 07/08/2009
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