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Wild Wild West
Breed: Male Westie
Moscow, Russia
Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West
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Born: October, 2008
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Weight: 7 kg

Favorite food: Cheese.

Favorite toy: Mister Polecat.

Favorite activity: Everyday I come with Mom to the bank - it's very funny. My mom is boss, and I like to impress her clients. cause I can smile.

Special talents: Now I have 2 CW and 1 Best Puppy, I like dog shows so much and hope I will be the CHAMPION of Russia.

Most embarrassing moment: When the night comes I ask my Mom&Daddy to take me to their bed. I kiss them, wish goodnight and we sleep all together.

Most trouble I ever got into: My first time trimming.

My favorite friends: I have two friends, two labs - Churchil and Yasha, they live at my Daddy's Mother home. I make them crazy cause I run and jump and bark and they like to play with me.

Biggest adventure: Oneday my Mom&Dad took me for a walk. It was a first warm spring day. We went to the river and I saw 2 birds that swim in the water. The water was too cold and the birds fly away when I tried to get them, but my Mom told me when it will be summer I can hunt a lot. So I'll be waiting for.

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