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Aspen and Angel
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Aspen and Angel
Aspen and Angel
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Born: 11-30-00, 5-18-01
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Kansas
Weight: 15 lbs / 20 lbs

Favorite food: Treats!!!

Favorite toy: Aspen-my teddy bear(all that is left is his head) Angel- my squeaky toy I got for Christmas!

Favorite activity: Aspen-sleeping Angel-chasing my human brother around the table.

Special talents: Aspen-says please(woof) for treats, Angel- Best fly catcher in the midwest. :)

Most embarrassing moment: Angel-when I ate so much I couldn't jump on the couch..mom had to help me up. Aspen-When I fell off the bed!

Most trouble I ever got into: Angel- When I chewed on the legs of my moms china cabinet. Aspen- Destroying my christmas stocking!

My favorite friends: Each other! Missy, Katie, Luke, Lady, Scoobie, Sampson!

Biggest adventure: Moving from Pennsylvania to Kansas!

Member since 05/12/2007
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