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Madison Avenue
Breed: Female Westie
Bristol, Connecticut
Madison Avenue
Madison Avenue
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Born: 1/07
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Bristol, Connecticut
Weight: 4 pounds 6 oz

Favorite food: Itty bitty veggie biscuts.

Favorite toy: Dad's slippers.

Favorite activity: I love to run and play all day long. I also enjoy teasing my two furry housemates, Mom says they're cats. They are bigger than me, but I still like to bark at them and chase them. Oh yeah, I also love to nap.

Special talents: None yet, I'm only 10 weeks old :)

Most embarrassing moment: I pooed on the rug yesterday.

Most trouble I ever got into: I never get into trouble;)I havn't been left alone yet.

My favorite friends: Mom and Dad, and my housemates Alvin and Oliver.

Biggest adventure: So far, my move from PA to CT, but this weekend we are marching in the tartan day parade in NYC. Mom says we can take a picture of me next to the street sign with my name on it.

Member since 04/09/2007
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