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Breed: Female Cairn
Reydarfjordur, Iceland
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Born: December 2002
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Reydarfjordur, Iceland
Weight: About 16 pounds

Favorite food: Nutro, Carrots, lettuce ribs, cheese.

Favorite toy: Tennis ball, golf ball and any gloved hand.

Favorite activity: Running after tennis ball and stealing gloves.

Special talents: Charming jailers in quarantine.

Most embarrassing moment: Mom is having to learn how to groom me on her own. Right now my tail is a little thin. And my red raincoat is kind of yuppy puppy.

Most trouble I ever got into: What happens in Iceland stays in Iceland.

My favorite friends: Have lots of human friends that I love to visit and walk with. There are two labs whom I occasionnally get to boss around but my best friend, Digby, I left behind in Canada.

Biggest adventure: Coming to Iceland 5 months ago and now every day is an adventure. But I will NOT go back in my travel crate!

Member since 08/16/2006
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