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Arran Skye
Breed: Female Cairn
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Arran Skye
Arran Skye
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Born: 2012
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Rock Hill, South Carolina
Weight: That's a little personal

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Favorite food: Absolutely anything

Favorite toy: Bestie!

Favorite activity: Eating. Sleeping. Eating again. Checking plates for leftover food. Eating. Walkies. Eating after going on walkies.

Special talents: I can wag my tail in a circle!

Most embarrassing moment: See most trouble I ever got into..

Most trouble I ever got into: I tee-teed in the living room, right in front of Bestie and her dad. Whoa. Won't do that again.

My favorite friends: Joe Riley Moye! and Rock

Biggest adventure: I was a balding girl, down on my luck. Stuck in a backyard in Arkansas. Allergic to fleas, hairless from shoulders back. I was plucked from my misery by a wonderful, kind soul I won't name her so she isn't sent to jail for saving me. I spent the summer and fall at her house, reqrowing my fabulous brindle coat. Then Bestie (my BFF)saw a picture of me and fell in love. Alas, I had been promised to a wonderful couple who really missed out because they wanted a westie and not me. Bestie had already claimed dibbs on me should I be rejected by the family previously chosen for me. And so, Bestie's sister went to Memphis to pick me up from my rescuer. Then I spent the night in Nashville and the next day, Bestie and her dad met up with me in Knoxville. And my life has been a bed of roses ever since!

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