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Breed: Male Westie
Rockland, Massachusetts
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Born: April, 1999
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Rockland, Massachusetts
Weight: 20 pounds

Favorite food: Bones, they make my teeth sparkle!

Favorite toy: Any small belonging of my hu-brothers and sister suitable for shredding!

Favorite activity: Chasing and being chased, especially by family members trying to get something away from me, so much fun...

Special talents: Well, I am brilliant, I graduated at the top of my obedience class. I can also twirl like a dancer, and I like to play pat-a-cake and shake hands (or paws).

Most embarrassing moment: When I got a piece of duct tape stuck to my front paw. I felt so silly, my ears laid flat on my head all day. No matter what I or my Mom did to get it off, it wouldn't come off!!! I was so afraid that it would be there forever, but it did fall off the next day. I was so afraid my coat would be damaged, but it was OK.

Most trouble I ever got into: Well, it wasn't my fault really, but I got blamed!!! I must have looked guilty. The cat looked so innocent, and even happy I was in trouble ... Maybe I was set up! What do you think? One of my cat-brothers was up on the counter and knocked all the unpaid bills on to the floor. He looked down at me, and I thought he said "Do your thing," so I did it! I thought I was supposed to shred them into tiny little pieces! It's what I do best!

My favorite friends: My best buddy is Spooky, the above mentioned cat-brother, I've got two other cat brothers and a cat-sister, but they don't seem to like being chased, or being sniffed. What's a doggie to do?

Biggest adventure: Well I'm still little. I hope I haven't already had it! My hu-family loves camping, and have promised to take me along this year, I can't wait. I love to go for long rides in the car, and long walks in the woods, it will be so much fun.

My web page: Bailey's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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