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Breed: Male Westie
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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Born: October, 1999
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: I have 2 favorite foods: One is POPCORN. Everytime Mom makes it, I dive face first into the bowl before she or Dad can react. I look so cute, how could they possibly get mad? The other is CARROTS. They are fun because I like to toss them into the air and bat them around the floor before I decide to crunch! Fun and yummm.

Favorite toy: A prairie dog stuffed animal. I carry her around with me wherever I go, and boy, if I don't have her with me at bedtime...look out.

Favorite activity: I mostly like to turn the whole house into a racecourse and run like crazy from room to room. It's even fun when I run into doors and walls!

Special talents: I can ring a bell attached to the door to let my parents know when I have to go outside. I also know how to locate my leash and stare at it until my parents feel guilty enough to take me for a walk.

Most embarrassing moment: I have a most embarrassing mark. During my first puppy haircut last month, I jerked my head and the groomer clipped my ear. I had to have 5 stitches. Now I have a gash in my ear. It hurt really badly, and sometimes it itches. Mommy is still sad for me but she says once my hair grows back it won't be quite as obvious.

Most trouble I ever got into: Well, when Trouble is your middle name...Let's see, I destroyed the hardwire cord to my parents computer monitor. (Ouch, we still can't bring that story up without grimacing.) I also have a knack for disturbing Mom when she's sleeping. Hey, when ya gotta play, ya gotta play. I'm a night owl.

My favorite friends: Bandit next door is a huge black lab. He and I like to chat from across the fence in the back yard. My best friend is one of my grandma's wiener dogs, Petey. We romp and wrestle and snarl and bark. Talk about FUN! My biggest enemy is my grandma's other wiener dog, Bandit. He doesn't like us little boys. Petey and I get on his nerves.

Biggest adventure: The first time Mom and Dad took me out on the ski boat, I was fascinated. I bit at the wind and searched for dolphins. It was great until the rocking of the waves made me sick and I threw up on the leg of one of my parent's friends. Oops! I also took a daring leap off the side of the boat without my parents permission. Now, I have my own puppy life vest for our outings! That water was COLD!

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