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Breed: Female Westie
Phoenix, Arizona
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Born: September, 1988
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: Chicken, carrots, and anything Mom is eating. I also enjoy the occasional lizard.

Favorite toy: Nice fresh stinky socks, and my brothers.

Favorite activity: Aside from helping Mom dig up those nasty flowers in the back yard, and snooping around the back yard fence, waiting for that dumb Rottweiler to come out so I can Roo Roo at him and hear him smash up against the fence to try and get me, it would have to be going for walks with Mom.

Special talents: Oh my goodness, where do I start. I am ever so talented. I Roo on command. I can count and dance, I can talk Mom into doing anything I want her to. My special is squishing fly's on the window with my nose, and I can hear Dad pulling up in the driveway before Mom, when I tell her and she jumps up off the couch and runs in the kitchen and acts like she has been working all day. I won't give up her secret of watching animal planet and eating bonbon's all day, as long as I get my share.

Most embarrassing moment: Hmmmm, can't really say that I have had any...except for maybe when I tried getting in the Arcadia door before it was open, and maybe when Mom discovered my little secret of munching on kitty crunchies I found in the sand box. Sure was good, but Mom wouldn't let me kiss her all day. Now I only do it while she's asleep, jokes on her, I wake her up every morning with big wet slobbery kisses.

Most trouble I ever got into: My Mom had a little parrot, and one day she left noisy little attention stealer on top of the cage while she went in to do laundry, when she came back the bird was dead. I don't know why I got in trouble sinse there were three of us, all standing in the kitchen looking at the bird, something about feathers stuck in my beard?

My favorite friends: My best friends are my brothers E.T. the Cairn, and Napolean the Yorkie. My worst enemy is that dumb Rottweiler on the other side of the fence. He better hope he never gets to my side of the fence.

Biggest adventure: One day I walked out front with Dad, and he didn't know it. I took a nice long walk and met lots of nice people, before I knew it, it was dark and time for me to go to bed. I was too tired to walk back home so I just curled up under a bush 'til morning. Boy was I hungry when I woke up, luckily a nice lady picked me up and took me in. She didn't have any dog food so she gave me leftover spaghetti and boy was it good. When I was all done eating the nice lady called my Mom and told her where I was. It was one of the best times I ever had, I don't know why Mom was so upset, all crying and carrying on. Mom's are just emotional critters I guess.

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