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Buddy and Hailey
Breed: Male (Buddy) and Female (Hailey) Westies
Blue Springs, Missouri
Buddy and Hailey
Buddy and Hailey
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Born: July, 1999 and February, 2001
Breed: Male (Buddy) and Female (Hailey) Westies
Residence: Blue Springs, Missouri
Weight: Buddy: 18 lbs, Hailey: 10 lbs

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers.

Favorite toy: Squeaky stuffed animals, balls to chase.

Favorite activity: Walks with Mom and Dad.

Special talents: Lots of awards for our website.

Most embarrassing moment: We are never embarrassed--we are proud Westies!

Most trouble I ever got into: Buddy: When we go for walks, I usually have to relieve myself, and Mom gets really mad at me because I always stop and stoop right in front of a house where the people are outside. And I almost always do it when they forget to bring pickup bags. How embarrassing for them! Not for me, though. I don't care. I just feel better when I am done.

My favorite friends: Max, the Missouri Westie.

Biggest adventure: Going for car rides to our old hometown 200 miles away. Buddy doesn't like car rides, but Hailey loves them.

My web page: Buddy and Hailey's Website
Member since 07/07/2001
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