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Breed: Male Cairn
Dallas, Texas
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Born: April, 1997
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Weight: 17 pounds

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Favorite food: Food from a can and anything mom is eating.

Favorite toy: My stuffed big fox, also my basketball and numerous other balls and stuffed animals.

Favorite activity: Playing in the water, chasing the water hose stream, basketball catch with mom, also on one of my walking loops I get to chase a few rabbits, and I think I'll be catching one soon!!

Special talents: I've trained my mom...

Most embarrassing moment: Mom took me to a grooming place and when she picked me up I Looked like a Scottie! I guess they had never seen a black Carin! Mom never took me back! :)

Most trouble I ever got into: I swallowed a three-pronged fish hook, that got stuck in my throat! It was horrible. I had to have a big operation to remove the hook and mom had to feed me through a tube they put in my stomach for a few weeks. I recovered just fine, but Mom was real worried when it first happened. The worst thing for me was that "tube thing" mom fed me through. If you go to my web-site, I wrote a story all about it.

Biggest adventure: Going on camping and kayaking trips with Mom.

My web page: Chaco's Website
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