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Breed: Male Cairn
Jordan, Minnesota
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Born: January, 1990
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Jordan, Minnesota
Weight: 19 pounds

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Favorite food: Turkey and Chicken necks.

Favorite toy: I happen to be beyond childish things...

Favorite activity: Walks, walks near water, walks in water or areas formerly covered in water but now mud.

Special talents: I could brag about my ability to catch, but it is tied closely to what's being thrown. I'm really good with food.

Most embarrassing moment: I'm in a new home, so I currently have a clean slate, let's leave the past behind us ok?

Most trouble I ever got into: Please reference above. Besides with the dignity I display now, it's unlikely you'd believe anything I told you.

My favorite friends: Franci (a Westie, but still a true friend). If I could talk I'd tell you more, I miss her. Nugget (my Cairn house mate) is ok, but too rambunctious sometimes... well, most of the time. Don't ask about that cat Claws that I live with.

Biggest adventure: In my current domain, it's a draw between my matches with Claws, and that German Shepherd around the block.

My web page: Charly's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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