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Chica Marika
Breed: Female Westie
Springfield, Missouri
Chica Marika
Chica Marika
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Born: Unknown
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Springfield, Missouri
Weight: 20 pounds

Favorite food: Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie.

Favorite toy: My fluffy pink dog (he's a bit shaggy and my blue dog.

Favorite activity: Playing with mommy, going for walks, chasing squirrels (mommy doesn't like when I do that...)

Special talents: I am an exceptional cuddler. I have won 2 straight championships in a row. I can inhale treats faster than big dogs and mommy says I can outrun a grey hound.

Most embarrassing moment: Sticking my entire back paw in my mouth....and getting caught my a cute Scottie.

Most trouble I ever got into: Running across a busy intersection....in front of cars without stopping....until I ran into the two kids that caught my attention. They caught me and when mommy caught up to me.....she had this freightened and exhausted look on her face. She picked me up and gave me lots of love...then put me down and told me to never do that again. So, I haven't.

My favorite friends: Mommy!!!

Biggest adventure: Mommy takes me for rides in her truck. She has this huge SUV....and I have this cool car seat. I can look out the window and see everything! We've gone to the zoo, the park, this coffeehouse, the farm, on vacation and mommy tells me that I am going to be going to LA and Chicago with her on business! But I get to have fun!

Member since 08/01/2004
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