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Daisy and Petunia
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Camarillo, California
Daisy and Petunia
Daisy and Petunia
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Born: Jan '94, Mar '96
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Residence: Camarillo, California
Weight: 18 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: Daisy- Carrots. Petunia- Carrots

Favorite toy: Daisy- lush/squeeky. Petunia- Dolly (small stuffed animal)

Favorite activity: Daisy- Helping mom with the horses. Petunia- Helping mom with the horses

Special talents: Daisy- Watches TV and responds to the animals. Petunia- Just being my cute self!

Most embarrassing moment: Daisy- When I made a bad smell and was called stinky. i ran out of the room. Petunia- I have never had one.

Most trouble I ever got into: Daisy- Ran out of the house after a cat. Petunia- When i went after the neighbors cat!

My favorite friends: Daisy- Beau (horse) Graycie (horse) Tuni (cairn) Punkie (dachshund) Cooper (mini dachshund). Petunia- Daisy (westie) Punkie (dachshund) Cooper (mini dachshund) Beau (horse) Graycie (horse).

Biggest adventure: Daisy- Drove from California to Michigan with mom and dad. Petunia- When dad brought me home! 2 hour drive and I was so small.

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