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Diarmid & Alexander
Breed: Male Westies
Diarmid & Alexander
Diarmid & Alexander
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Born: Jul '91, Aug '00
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Ohio
Weight: 17 lbs, 8 lbs (as a puppy)

Favorite food: (Diarmid): Carrots.
(Alexander): Don't have one yet.

Favorite toy: (Diarmid): My stuffed "Dasher" reindeer.
Alexander): Anything that was Diarmid's first!

Favorite activity: Diarmid): Laying on mom's lap and car rides.
(Alexander): Chasing Diarmid and car rides.

Special talents: (Diarmid): Wailing like a little human child.
(Alexander): Hopping like "Peppe le Peu" through the grass and snow.

Most embarrassing moment: (Diarmid): None that I can think of...
(Alexander): None yet.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Diarmid): Went over a cliff hill and got stuck on a ledge. Grandpa came to save me and then he got stung by over 200 bees, fell over the cliff and had to go to the hospital. He did OK in the end and I was saved and never did that one again.
(Alexander): Still just a baby, so far I managed to eat out the insides of grandma's good leather gloves when I was in her car. Did this in less than 5 minutes of being there.

My favorite friends: Diarmid): Enemy - would have to be Alexandria, the Westie rescue girl that mom and I went to get the night we got Alelxander. I liked her and she tried to just about "kill" me and tried to hurt my mom! Friend - my baby Westie brother Alexander who came home with me that night instead of that nasty rescue girl. He's a pest, but he adores me!
(Alexander): Enemy - none so far, but that white German Shepherd that's back behind the house next door is always carrying on at me and being quite nasty about it too! Friend - my big Westie brother Diarmid. I worship the ground his paws walk on!

Biggest adventure: (Diarmid): The day we drove to PA to get a Westie rescue girl and ended up coming home with Alexander.
(Alexander): So far my first romp through a snow drift. Do you know what happens when a white puppy jumps into a snow drift twice his size - yipes!! It's fun though I snort in the snow and roll around and around. By the time I'm done you can't even see my pretty sweater anymore!

My web page: Diarmid & Alexander's Website
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