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Fred & Maggie
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Eastham, MA
Fred & Maggie
Fred & Maggie
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Born: Feb '98, Feb '97
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Residence: Eastham, MA
Weight: 18 lbs, 16 lbs

Favorite food: (Maggie): Anything Mom and Dad are having, especially stuff with tomato sauce.
(Fred): Anything Mom and Dad are having.

Favorite toy: (Maggie): Rawhide chews, especially the one Freddie has.
(Fred): Rawhide chews, especially the one Maggie has.

Favorite activity: (Maggie): Going anywhere with Mom and Dad. I love to walk on the beach on Cape Cod and in the park in Hawthorne.
(Fred): Going anywhere with Mom and Dad and watching the Animal Channel on TV.

Special talents: (Maggie): I always show my belly to visitors 'cause maybe they'll pet me!
(Fred): I like to play indoor fetch with Mom and Dad. Also love to wrestle on the floor with Maggie (and Mom and Dad too). I also bring my empty water bowl into the living room when Mom doesn't keep it full.

Most embarrassing moment: (Maggie): My human sister Elise came to visit me and I hadn't gone outside yet - well I was so excited I rolled over on my back but I started to pee too! Mom said I looked like a furry fountain.
(Fred): When Mom and Dad took me on my very first canoe trip on Minister's Pond in Eastham. I had never seen a pond before and so I thought that all I had to do to get this little turtle I saw was step onto the shiny surface and go get her! Boy was I shocked when my Dad fished me out of the pond!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Maggie): I'm very good except when Freddie makes me do naughty stuff with her.
(Fred): I've got lots of these. I chewed the kitchen bench and chair rungs - boy was Dad mad when the chair collapsed beneath him. I was working on the underside of the living room cocktail table when Mom put this ucky stuff all over it. Then there was the time when the mailperson left the door open and Dad went to get the mail - so I thought it would be great fun to run all over the neighborhood and give Dad some exercise chasing me.

My favorite friends: (Maggie): Freddie is my sister and I love to play with her but my very special friend is Mo, a lab/rotweiller mix down the block. Mo always brings me his Frisbee when he sees me and we run circles around each other.
(Fred): Maggie is my bestest friend and sister. Then there's Mo, the lab/rottweiler down the street - we've known each other since we were babies.

Biggest adventure: (Maggie): I was only 9 months old and I smelled this wonderful smell coming from this black and white furry thing in the backyard. Since it's my job to keep the yard safe, I went after it. Well, it stopped short and my nose was right there sniffing for signature when it let loose this awful disgusting spray! I smelled like that thing for months - I also couldn't smell anything else for months. Mom said it was a skunk - whatever that is.
(Fred): Going on a bike trail ride with my Dad (in my own special carrier on his back). I kept barking and whining until Dad went really fast - my favorite part!

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