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Gable and Garfield
Breed: Male Cairns
Wales, United Kingdom
Gable and Garfield
Gable and Garfield
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Born: 11/04
Breed: Male Cairns
Residence: Wales, United Kingdom
Weight: 4k g (9 lbs)

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The Terrier Twins

Favorite food: Gable- Minced beef. Garfield- I'll eat anything.

Favorite toy: Gable- Scruffy toy dog. Garfield- Football.

Favorite activity: Gable- Walking with Mummy and my brother, Garfield. Garfield- Playing football, walking with Mummy and my brother Gable.

Special talents: Gable- Total cuteness. Garfield- Prettier than my brother or at least I think so.

Most embarrassing moment: Garfield- None yet cos I'm only 13 weeks old.

My favorite friends: Gable- Mummy, Garfield and Briony - Mummy's little girl. Garfield- My brother Gable, my Mummy and her little girl Briony.

Member since 02/12/2005
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