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Gracie and Chance
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Champaign, Illinois
Gracie and Chance
Gracie and Chance
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Born: Dec '99, Jun '01 (?)
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Residence: Champaign, Illinois
Weight: 18 lbs, 15 lbs

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Favorite food: BABY CARROTS!

Favorite toy: Gracie- My Green Latex Moose (my parents say its my baby). Chance- Tennis Balls! Who INVENTED them??? WoW!! I love it!

Favorite activity: Gracie- Chasing Squirrels, squirrels and MORE SQUIRRELS!! Chance- Chasing Tennis Balls and sitting nicely for a carrot.

Special talents: Gracie- I sit, roll over, lie down and can even wave for you! And boy can I Yodel. I will yodel and 'talk' to you if asked a question. Chance- Eating with toys in my mouth! Well, I end up dropping them into my bowl and eat around them. SOMETIMES, I drop the toy in my water dish... not a real smart thing, but this assures me that no one else will take my toy! hehehe. I also like to go CRAZY right before I go to bed at night! Mom calls it the ZOOOOOOOOOOOMIES!!!

Most embarrassing moment: Gracie- Well, sometimes if I get REALLY excited because we have company - I might accidently pee... not much but enough... I'm getting better. Chance- While chasing a tennis ball, I did a head over paws flip off the deck when I tried to stop quickly! (Its not a high deck - just a step down)Whew!

Most trouble I ever got into: Gracie- Well, I ate the window sill in a bedroom of our house because I saw a squirrel and couldn't get to it... then I ate another one (the squirrel went to that side of the house) ... I had to stay in my crate for about two weeks whenever I was left alone.... Boy did I make sure I never ate those things again.... Chance- Toliet paper. Boy, did I ever hear about that one! Or was it my Mom's shoes... or was it the dinning room chair... or was it pooping in the front room RIGHT before guests arrived ... or was it, er, they don't know about that one....Well, you pick the most trouble I ever got into... I'm sure there will be more trouble ahead anyway! hahaha

My favorite friends: Gracie- My Yorkie brothers. One older and one younger. The youngest one is a riot and really wants to be a Westie... I told him he could. Shhhh - don't tell anyone.... Chance- Gracie, Chewy and Riley. And of COURSE all my sister's friends in the Terrier Club!

Biggest adventure: Gracie- I went hiking in West Virginia and stayed in this really cool lodge all alone on top of a mountain. We hiked and looked for deer and bears and of course we saw squirrels and squirrels and well, you get the picture. Chance- Well, I've had a few. I started off in a puppymill! ICK!! I was taken from my mom before I was weaned and sold to a person who sold me to a Pet Store. Well, two families bought me and brought me back because I was either too wild or they were afraid I would get sick (whatever! I've never been sick in my life, not even a sniffle). Well, the person who sold me to the store came back and took me to a doctor's office and said - Put him down!!! What ever that means.... but the nice doctor took me to a shelter instead where I would be safe until a rescue group came and got me. Then this lady came and picked me up and took me for a long drive and I stayed with her for awhile as she tried to find me a home. Then I was taken to another home and they had a mean dog. Well that lady came back for me the very next day because she was worried for me and after a few more attempts to find me a home (they didn't work out) she decided I had enough adventures for a guy my my size, soooooo . . . she kept me. Cool! And that was all in my first five months! I wonder what the rest of my life will be like! Mom said they named me correctly - Chance. I've had plenty!

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