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Gretchen and Kissy
Breed: Female Cairns
Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Gretchen and Kissy
Gretchen and Kissy
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Born: November, 2000
Breed: Female Cairns
Residence: Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Weight: 14 lbs, 16 lbs.

Favorite food: Gretchen: I live to eat chicken! Kissy: Steak bone with meat on it!

Favorite toy: Gretchen: Weasel that screams when I bite him. Kissy: Just throw me a ball

Favorite activity: Gretchen: My day is made when my Mom takes us for a walk. Sometimes I can talk her into three a day, if I'm lucky. Kissy: I love the walks like sis, but I love to guard the family room, there's these big windows and I can see the whole yard and pond. I bark if something strange just moves.

Special talents: Gretchen: Without a doubt my best talent is my high pitchen bark that makes everyone cover their ears! Kissy: Looking pitiful if I'm accused of anything from getting trash out of the wastebasket or poop on the floor.

Most embarrassing moment: Gretchen: The day I jumped into the pond, I thought I could touch bottom! Kissy: When I thought there was a strange dog on the deck but later learned it was my own reflection!

Most trouble I ever got into: Gretchen: Me, I never get in trouble! Kissy: I got in trouble when I chased that darn duck into the pond and came out covered in mud, I had just had a bath.

My favorite friends: Gretchen: I love my Mom and Dad, Kissy and my idol, Emma the English shepherd that lives outside. Don't worry, she has a heated dog house! Kissy: I love my Mom and Dad, my sis, Gretchen and all the animals that live around here. Even the duck, I really wasn't going to kill her!

Biggest adventure: That had to be the day we ran away into the bean field and Mom acted like she was crazy. Her face was real red when she caught up to us! We now have a fence and can't hide in the bean field anymore.

Member since 08/13/2001
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