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Katie and Ellis
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Katie and Ellis
Katie and Ellis
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Born: February, 2000
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Weight: 18 lbs, 26 lbs

Favorite food: Katie- Any and all meat. Ellis- Anything.

Favorite toy: Katie- Anything Ellis has. Ellis- Tug toys.

Favorite activity: Katie- Chasing Ellis around the yard and house. Ellis- Chasing my girlfriend Katie around the house.

Most embarrassing moment: Katie- More Barking. Ellis- Went to walk in park and got into a wrestling match with a squirrel.

Most trouble I ever got into: Katie- Barking, Barking Barking... Ellis- Chewed through the tv room couches.

My favorite friends: Katie- Ellis (boyfriend) and Sam (the Mastiff). Ellis- Katie (live in girlfriend).

Biggest adventure: Katie- Still working on it... Ellis- When Ellis was just 14 months I decided to give him a bath in the kitchen sink. Not realizing I did not cover the drain hole and after a couple of minutes washing Ellis, he suddenly could not move, he was stuck in the drain hole. His leg sank deeper because of all the soap and his toes got hung up under the grader. They swelled up. I panic and called 911 and animal control. As luck would have it his older uncles were here and one had to hold him while the other had to disconnected my sink. Parts all over the place and now Ellis is being held on the floor with a pipe wrapped around his leg. Animal Control showed up to help along with return calls from 911. In my initial call I kept saying "My Baby" and they thought it was a child. They were wonderful in sending out Animal Control who helped me calm him down and remove the pipe with no damage to Ellis. My kitchen was another story. Moral of the story, Never wash a Cairn in a sink or bathtub without cloggin or covering the drain first...

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