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Maggie May
Breed: Female Westie
south suburb of chicago
Maggie May

In Memory of
My beautiful Maggie passed to Rainbow bridge on January 6,2007,she was such a sweet, lovable little dog, we miss her so very much, our hearts are just so empty, thank you Maggie for 9 1/2 years of joy and love. We were blessed to have you in our hearts and home. We will always love you
Maggie May
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Born: 07/98-- crossed the bridge on 1/07
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: south suburb of chicago
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: cookies ( dog treats), celery, any people food we happen to drop on the floor

Favorite toy: Her stuffed animal, which we refered to as her baby.

Favorite activity: She loved to play with us but mostly loved her belly rubbed and to cuddle with us.

Special talents: She gets the most lovable westie award.

Most embarrassing moment: When i was sitting on top of the back of the couch, barking at the mailman down the street, not paying attention and fell between the couch and the window, after making sure I was ok, my family was laughing at me......... ok, I was alittle embarrased lol

Most trouble I ever got into: Opening Halloween chocalate candy bars and eating them. silly me, forgot to throw the wrappers away before my family got home, the trail of wrappers gave me away

My favorite friends: Tillie (Cairn).

Biggest adventure: all the vacations and camping I went on with my family.

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