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Mr. Magoo and Max
Breed: Male Westies
Harrison, Ohio
Mr. Magoo and Max
Mr. Magoo and Max
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Born: Feb '89, Mar '89
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Harrison, Ohio
Weight: 21 lbs, 21 lbs

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Rocky MacDuff

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Mr. Magoo and Sophie Rose

Favorite food: Max- ALL OF IT!

Favorite toy: Magoo- Rubber Barbell. Max- None! I'm deaf and I'm slow!

Favorite activity: Magoo- Playing with Mom and my toys. Max- Sleep! I'm a little old man!

Special talents: Max- I dance in circles when I want something.

Most embarrassing moment: Magoo- Mom adopted me when I was 11 and she had me "Tutored" I walked funny for days. Max- Mom cleaning my poopy butt!

Most trouble I ever got into: Magoo- Mom had to spend $800 to make me well. Max- Trying to take my brother Mr. Magoo's food. BAD MOVE!

My favorite friends: Magoo- My Mom and my adopted brother Max. Max- Mom and my brother Magoo.

Biggest adventure: Magoo- Riding home with Mom for the first time knowing it was forever. Max- Coming to live with Mom after almost being put to sleep because I'm deaf and had skin problems.

My web page: Mr. Magoo and Max's Website
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