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Max and Sis
Breed: Cairn and Westie
San Jose, California
Max and Sis
Max and Sis
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Born: Mar. '00, Jul. '00
Breed: Cairn and Westie
Residence: San Jose, California
Weight: 15 lbs, 17 lbs

Favorite food: Gerber, Baby Hot Dogs and Natural Balance.

Favorite toy: Dad's hand and Sis's rubber ball.

Favorite activity: A ride in the car to the Dog Park and chasing each other through the house like wild animals.

Special talents: Max: Waking everyone up at 5:00 A.M. Sis: Fussing out my Humans when they won't give me my ball.

Most embarrassing moment: Max- I am never embarresed I am a Cairn Terrier. Sis- It would have to be when I went for a walk and peed on my human's foot.

Most trouble I ever got into: Max- I am in trouble all the time. Sis- When I have an accident in the house.

My favorite friends: My humans.

Biggest adventure: Max- Having to train a new puppy (Sis). How to handle my two humans. Sis- I tried to say hi to a great Dane and he barked at me so I ran all the way across the park to find people to help me.

Member since 11/02/2001
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