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Breed: Male Westie
Baldwinsville, New York
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Born: 6/20/1997
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Baldwinsville, New York
Weight: 27 pounds

Favorite food: People food.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls, soccer ball and ropes.

Favorite activity: Running around the backyard, chasing birds, squirrels, bunny rabbits anything moving. Digging a whole that dad keeps filling in and I'm right behind him to dig it out again. a little game we play. Then of course I lay in it and get all dirty. only problem is I have to have a bath.

Special talents: Sounds like a motor boat when you talk to him.

Most embarrassing moment: None that I remember.

Most trouble I ever got into: Going potty on my mom's flowers.

My favorite friends: My big brother Alex who is a golden retriever. He maybe big but I keep him in line. He's a pussy cat. He's having a bad time right now (cancer) he can't play with me anymore. I give him lots of kisses and stay by his side. I also have 4 cousins, Jet, Zoey, Sammy, Bradi and a cat.. his name is Choloe.. we don't play...

Biggest adventure: We have a big old house boat and I ride in the front on my chair and go up and down the canal system. Dad made me a tubewith a bottom in it so I can sit on it. I love to swim.

Member since 07/19/2005
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