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McDuff and Fanny Mae
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Derby, Kansas
McDuff and Fanny Mae
McDuff and Fanny Mae
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Born: McDuff- Jan '03, Fanny Mae- May '03
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Derby, Kansas
Weight: McDuff- 12 lbs. Fanny Mae- 5 lbs.

Favorite food: Yogurt Drop Treats and Peanut Butter filled Kongs.

Favorite toy: McDuff - Squeaky Rat. Fanny Mae - Rawhide anything.

Favorite activity: Rough-Housing with each other and running through the sprinkler.

Special talents: McDuff- I won first prize in an obedience class game. Fanny Mae- I can sit up real pretty.

Most embarrassing moment: McDuff - When I realized I was the smallest one in puppy class and had to yell "Uncle"! Fanny Mae - I never apologize for my behavior!

Most trouble I ever got into: McDuff - when I chewed a hole in the wall. Fanny Mae - piddling on the floor right after Mom brought me back in the house.

My favorite friends: Each other and Jacob, our mom and dad's little grandboy.

Biggest adventure: Going to our Lake House in Oklahoma - there are lots of fun things to see and chase there.

Member since 08/16/2003
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