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Nicky and Abby
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Nicky and Abby
Nicky and Abby
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Born: Dec '96, Jul '98
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana
Weight: 23 lbs, 19 lbs

Favorite food: TREATS!!!

Favorite toy: Rubber Chicken; Glow Balls; Kong Tuffy.

Favorite activity: Neighborhood walks to visit other doggies & their humans.

Special talents: Nicky alerts mommy for any Abby emergencies (she needs to potty; she's about to get sick). Abby can amuse herself for hours with a glowball, playing like she's a cat! We both helped mommy create our own website, 'Westie Kids at Home'.

Most embarrassing moment: We won't talk about it!

Most trouble I ever got into: We've both been guilty (in the past, of course) of chewing on a piece of furniture (sorry, mommy!).

My favorite friends: Bear, the Poodle; Holly, the Beagle; Smoky the Golden Retriever.

Biggest adventure: Everything's an adventure to us! Nicky liked Florida except for the July 4th fireworks show. Abby isn't as well traveled since our mom and dad seem to be homebodies since they've gotten 2 wild, wild Westies!!!

My web page: Nicky and Abby's Website
Member since 03/18/2002
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