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Nimby Sue
Breed: Female Cairn
United Kingdom
Nimby Sue
Nimby Sue
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Born: September 2002
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: United Kingdom
Weight: 16 pounds

My Family
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Ellie May

Favorite food: All food...Yes I luv my food

Favorite toy: Bunny, He is my Fave of all and I carry him around a lot and bring him out to sunbathe and then fetch

Favorite activity: I luv to Yap at all manner of things and I luv going on lots of differant walkies and Adventures

Special talents: I have a Big Smilet grin and can cheer anyone up with my pretty face I think.

Most embarrassing moment: Me!! Never

Most trouble I ever got into: Sometimes got into a near fight with my Border collie sister

My favorite friends: My Friends at TC and Bertie a terrier and Toby a Labrador,Charlie a Cairn x and Dotty a Collie and Barney a Terrier

Biggest adventure: Coming from my old home to live with my new family. I still love my old family though as well.

Member since 08/07/2011
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