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Breed: Female Cairn
Berwyn, Illinois
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Born: February
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Berwyn, Illinois
Weight: 17 pounds.

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FGM and Rags

Favorite food: Yogurt with tuna or salmon, Natural Balance.

Favorite toy: Balls, balls, balls, and more balls.

Favorite activity: I love to catch the ball and go for walks with FGF.

Special talents: We don't know about that because I am a Rescue dog, my new owners only know my name and age, which is 5 years.

Most embarrassing moment: The first week I was in my forever home, our local alderman came to visit, and I was so glad to meet her that I jumped up on the coach and peed all over her. I think she was surprised to be welcomed so warmly!

Most trouble I ever got into: I am a very good girl in the house, I ,however, am giving thought to digging up the yard.

My favorite friends: The Fairy Godmother and Godfather and my human sisters Katie and Beth.

Biggest adventure: My most recent adventure was the day the FGF rescued me at the pound in Chicago then drove me all the way out to Crystal Lake to a Cairn Rescue kennel, then he gave it some thought, and came back for me so that I could live with FGM and FGF so they wouldn't be lonely anymore. That sure was my lucky day! They think I am a princess and not a dog!

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