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Rambunctious Rod Brind'amour
Breed: Male Cairn
Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Rambunctious Rod Brind'amour
Rambunctious Rod Brind'amour
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Born: February 2000
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Weight: 20 pounds

Favorite food: I am on a special diet for my kidneys.

Favorite toy: Booda toys with squeekies.

Favorite activity: Sleeping, eating, trying to hide my toys from my people.

Special talents: I am cute, does that count?

Most embarrassing moment: I was showing off on the back of the couch and rolled off of it. I landed in a laundry basket of clean clothes, so I was not hurt.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I was a baby, I got into a drawer that had a ball of string in it. I saw a ball and ran all through the house with it, around tables, under beds. They tried to be mad but they laughed while cleaning it up.

My favorite friends: Zoey and Reggie my dog cousins. Beaker, Pied and Gusser, my cockatiel brothers.

Biggest adventure: When our power goes out during a storm we go to a motel and spend the night. I am afraid of the dark and my people do not like me to be afraid.

Member since 12/31/2006
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