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Breed: Male Westie
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Born: August, 1996
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Weight: 18 pounds

Favorite food: My favourite food is definitely cheese with ice cream running a close second! I am not allowed people food, except for the odd little taste, but I have been known to snitch chocolate. I like to eat popcorn with my dad but it must have butter on it or I spit it out. I have also helped my self to beer so now everyone knows all glasses must be kept up out of my reach! I always come running when I hear the mixer going because I know only the tastiest things will be on the beaters! I like dog cookies and treats too but always seem a little disappointed that mine are never as much fun as my brothers. He always "kills" his first, mine just lie there!

Favorite toy: I am not at all interested in toys and made short work of all the rubber ones. I do like toys if my brother is playing with them and feel obligated to take them away from him. I just lay with them in front of me, daring him to take it back. I think that must mean my favourite toy is my brother, he is a Bichon Frise who is a year older than me and we love to chase each, wrestle, growl and make a great deal of noise! If you could hear us you would be surprised we are such little guys! We have occasionally sent things flying off tables and believe the only place for cushions is on the floor! The living room is now off limits to us unless there are people there.

Favorite activity: I love to go anywhere outdoors, I don't mind snow, cold, wind or rain. I am happy to go for car rides and like to ride in the back window and watch the world go by. I also love to go on our boat, I especially like to stand on the bow and be the captain. I am always happy to go for a walk, we usually go twice a day and there are always new and interesting things in our neighbourhood. I do not approve of people on any kind of wheels, especially skateboards and roller blades, and bark at them ferociously whether I am inside or out doors. My Mom recently had to be on crutches for a while...I don't approve of people on sticks either we discovered!

Special talents: I do most of the regular dog tricks, I shake a paw, sit, lie down and of course, give kisses! I learned to dance from my brother who loves to be up on his hind legs. I speak too and my brother is trying to learn. I am so good at speaking that I never give him the chance, even if I am outdoors and he is in...when I hear that command, I do it!

Most embarrassing moment: I was rather embarrassed to learn that Westies can't climb trees! It seems that if squirrels can go up them then I should be able to do that too! I certainly give it my best effort but I don't like it when people laugh at me.

Most trouble I ever got into: I do not understand why as a puppy I would get into trouble for the pursuit of higher learning. I devoured books, literally, and preferred the big, expensive coffee table variety. I do not care for the taste of paperbacks or newspapers but we have a number of hardcover books my Mom keeps out of sight, the bindings don't look very nice any more! I also was very fond of digging in plants, it didn't help that Roddy would help me! My Mom threatened to plant radishes in the living room! For a very long time our floor plants all wore pantyhose to keep me out! These days I never do anything naughty, well, except for the odd wastepaper basket. My brother is very wicked though and when he is up to no good, I run under my Mom's desk so she will be sure to know that I am not the bad one!

My favorite friends: My favourite friend is my brother, we are inseparable except that he does not do "weather" and I love to be outside. I am not friendly with dogs bigger than me at all so I suppose it's a good thing I am on a leash when we go walking. I take complete responsibility for keeping cats out of our yard and I am not fond of crows or seagulls either. I cornered a cat once when I was very much younger and got my nose scratched. I am very brave and did not let that interfere with my "duties." I think of course, anyone who does such an excellent job of cat patrol is also a wonderful barker! If my Mom blows a whistle I will come running indoors unless I have found something too wonderful and then I just bark away and pretend I can't hear her!

Biggest adventure: Life is very good if you are a Westie and that means every day is an adventure, my world is full of so many wonderful things, dirt, the beach, people to cuddle, new smells and treats. I am happy at the end of the day to curl up in my basket and go to sleep...until it's time for my brother and me to be up on the bed with our parents.

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