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Skye and Talli
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Cleveland, Ohio
Skye and Talli
Skye and Talli
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Born: Aug '96, Aug '98
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Residence: Cleveland, Ohio
Weight: 19 lbs, 23 lbs

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Favorite food: Chicken.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls, of course!

Favorite activity: Romping, going for walks, chasing our cats and squirrels, mole hunting.

Special talents: Canine good citizens.

Most embarrassing moment: When our mom dressed us up for halloween.

Most trouble I ever got into: Chewing mom's new $200 shoes!

My favorite friends: Our cats, Gibson, Bailey and Sambuca.

Biggest adventure: Getting out of the fenced yard during home addition and taking ourselves for a walk.

Member since 01/06/2003
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