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Breed: Female Cairn
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
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Born: November 2005
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
Weight: Not sure

Favorite food: Science Diet.

Favorite toy: Things I'm not supposed to have, like Mommy's slippers.

Favorite activity: Playing with my puppies or curling up on the bed with Mommy and Daddy to watch a movie.

Special talents: I play soccer and am very good at keeping the ball away from Mommy!

Most embarrassing moment: Too many to list!

Most trouble I ever got into: Chewing up Mommy's really expensive boots when I was a puppy. She was mad but she forgave me. I just got a time out.

My favorite friends: My Mommy, Daddy, and my puppies. Cameron who is 3 that mommy babysits now and then, and Uncle Jeffery.

Biggest adventure: Moving to our new house. Mommy found us a new house with a big yard for me to run in!

Member since 02/15/2007
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