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Sparky and Rio
Breed: Female Westies
Waterlooville, Hampshire in England
Sparky and Rio
Sparky and Rio
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Born: May 8th '93, Jan 25th '95
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Waterlooville, Hampshire in England
Weight: (Sparky): 9 kg (20 pounds) (Rio): 8 kg (18 pounds)

Favorite food: (Sparky): Any flavour of Caesar dog food and Maltesers. (Rio): Any flavour of Caesar dog food and Milky Bar Buttons.

Favorite toy: (Sparky): My fluffy barking dog. (Rio): Soft rubber ball.

Favorite activity: (Sparky): Barking and playing ball but NOT bringing it back (If Mummy is daft enoughÂ…) (Rio): Barking and sleeping.

Most embarrassing moment: (Sparky): Mummy clipped me as she couldn't afford a groomer for a while and the attachment on the clippers dropped off and sheared me to grade 0!! I looked like a mangy dog that had a flea allergy and had been biting itself!! (Rio): Weed on my grandad's brand new bathroom carpet (and I was not a puppy so that wasn't an option for an excuse).

Most trouble I ever got into: (Sparky): Ran into a huge 'puddle' that was actually a sunken garden and went right under! Came up spluttering!!
(Rio): Bit Mummy as she tried to get a hedgehog out of my mouth while I was giving it a good shake for trespassing in MY garden.

My favorite friends: (Sparky): Despise cats with a passion. The one next-door has a bell on its' collar and it only has to scratch it's head and I'm aware it's the other side of the fence. My best mate is Rio (squibley), of course! (Rio): I despise large dogs. I normally bark a lot so they know I'm not scared though! My best mate is Sparky (doodle-ee), of course!

Biggest adventure: (Sparky): My journey from Wales to Bognor when Mummy first got me at 8 weeks old. I'm very proud to say I did not wee once in 400 miles. (Rio): Got out after Mummy went to work one day and luckily the neighbour caught me and returned me to the garden. I had managed to negotiate the main road first though!

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