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Tasha and Duncan
Breed: Female and Male Cairn
DeGraff, Ohio
Tasha and Duncan
Tasha and Duncan
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Born: Aug '91, 1992
Breed: Female and Male Cairn
Residence: DeGraff, Ohio
Weight: 30 lbs, 20 lbs

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Tasha and Duncan

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite toy: Tasha- Cats. Duncan- I have no interest in toys.

Favorite activity: Tasha- Herding all the cats, protecting my yard from Semi Trucks. Mom calls me the Canine "Welcome Wagon", I greet them all with a pretty face and happy attitude. Duncan- Going for rides and visiting other family members. I like laying on the porch and watching for excitement to happen.

Special talents: Tasha- I can sit up really pretty, even if I am a little round. And I am the guard over my sister and brothers food until they come in. These cats have learned with Tasha on guard there are no free samples! Duncan- I was chosen the month of Dec. dog of the month on Petfinders. Thats where my mom found me. I am a protector of the door and yard. The school bus is my daily battle

Most embarrassing moment: Tasha- I have had none that I know of. Duncan- Oh , maybe my 'photo' on Petfinder, my hair was a mess!

Most trouble I ever got into: Tasha- I am a super good girl, I stay out of trouble, or at least I have mom snowed into never thinking innocent me did it. Duncan- Lifting my leg in my new home, I didnt get into trouble, mom just grumbled alot.. It stopped when she understood what my 'grumbling ' meant. Hard to train that lady.

My favorite friends: Tasha- I have my mom, dad, 2 human brothers, and sister, and my furry family...Higgins, he is a Aussie, Max, he is a mixymax and Joy, she's a yellow Lab. Oh wow all the cats, but they are my game players.. I don,t remember all there names. Duncan- I have sweet Tasha my older sister, Joy the Lab, Higgins the Aussie and Max the BorderCollie. The new kids, Ali and Kahn are not friends, they are pests.

Biggest adventure: Tasha- It was probably when my first mom took me to the shelter. I heard them say someone was too old to adopt and would be put to sleep. I know they didn't mean me, I wasn't sleepy and what is old? I don't know why my first mom couldn't take me when she left, but a lady in Cairn Rescue got ahold of my new mom and they came up and rescued me. I was a favorite there at the shelter. Everyone was happy that I was going to a new home they said I was Ms. Personality. And how right they are. Duncan- I have probably many that mom doesnt know about as I was a stray before I was captured, I guess my trip to my new home and meeting my new forever family and that long ride in the van. I had a donut and a bottle of water from Dunkin' Donut, hence my name, Duncan.

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