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Tory and Kali
Breed: Female Westies
Mundelein, Illinois
Tory and Kali
Tory and Kali
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Born: May '02 (?), Feb '02 (?)
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Mundelein, Illinois
Weight: Ladies don't tell their weight.

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The Princess and the Fuzz Head

Favorite food: What ever Mom and Dad are eating.

Favorite toy: Rope toy and Chew stick.

Favorite activity: Tory- Antagonizaing Kali. Kali- Sitting in Mommy's lap.

Special talents: Tory- I can drag sticks twice my size out of the "forest" and into the yard. Kali- I can pin Tory to the ground when we wrestle.

Most embarrassing moment: Tory- What is embarrassing? I love everything I do!!!! Kali- I'm too much of a good girl to do anything embarrassing.

Most trouble I ever got into: We're not old enought to really get in trouble. Mom and Dad are ALWAYS watching.

My favorite friends: So far just Mom and Dad.

Biggest adventure: Hmmmm....we've had so many already in our short little lives. We were rescued from a puppy mill. Kali had heart surgery. Also, we traveled from MO to IL to go to our forever home. Then Tory will go to Ohio for surgery when she is bigger. Whew, we need a vacation!

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