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Toto and Caesar
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Blacklick, Ohio
Toto and Caesar
Toto and Caesar
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Born: Apr '88, Jun '97
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Residence: Blacklick, Ohio
Weight: 23 lbs, 19 lbs

Favorite food: Toto- Everything. Caesar- Grilled steak.

Favorite toy: Toto- My Cairn brother. Caesar- Real Mice.

Favorite activity: Toto- I like to play hide'n seek in the flower beds. Caesar- Hunting for Real Mice.

Special talents: Toto- I love the Camera. Caesar- Sings and dances for a treat.

Most embarrassing moment: Toto- I was having a photo session at a photographer's studio and I pooped on his rug while the photographer was snapping photos of my Cairn brother. Caesar- Pooped on carpet in a photographer's studio while my Westie brother's photo was taken. I wanted the attention!

Most trouble I ever got into: Toto- Accidentally attacked a rabbit. I thought it was a mouse. I was young and foolish. Caesar- Ripped up Mom and Dad's wall to wall carpeting. I was very, very young and looking for all the attention I could get.

My favorite friends: Toto- Most of the "chicks" in the neighborhood. Caesar- Sometimes my Westie brother.

Biggest adventure: Toto- My first boat ride. Caesar- Drive a convertible in a parade.

My web page: Toto and Caesar's Website
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