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Breed: Male Westie
Kenmore, New York
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Born: April, 1998
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Kenmore, New York
Weight: 22 lbs of raw maddness

Favorite food: Prime Rib left over from Mommy's dinner.

Favorite toy: Mr. Moo, my cow, and Mommy's doggie slippers.

Favorite activity: Being outside with all the neighborhood kids and dogs. I also like to play fetch with my Daddy.

Special talents: No alarm clock can wake up my Mommy! It's MY job everyday to get her up for work.

Most embarrassing moment: Pooping on the floor at Mommy's work. (I was only a baby!)

Most trouble I ever got into: Completely destroying Mommy's Armani glasses. Including popping out the prescription lenses and chewing them to oblivion. (ears down) I don't chew things anymore.

My favorite friends: My best friend's name is Kavic. He is an Alaskan Husky. He's big, but not too big for me to boss him around!

Biggest adventure: Every day is an adventure! I loved going camping, I had fun at Grandma's for a week when Mommy and Daddy went on vacation, I love when I get to have sleep overs at Kavic's house. Most of all, my biggest adventure is owning a car dealership with my best friend Kavic. We let our Daddys sign the paperwork, but that's only because we don't have thumbs. It's called T&K for Trinket and Kavic. We go to work and sniff people. It's hard work being this cute all day!

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