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Wesley and Bailey
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Thousand Oaks, California
Wesley and Bailey
Wesley and Bailey
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Born: Jan '00, May '00
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Thousand Oaks, California
Weight: 25.5 lbs, 15.5 lbs

Favorite food: Carrots, sirloin, peanut butter.

Favorite toy: Frisbee, any small squeeky toy and blue chew bones.

Favorite activity: Wesley - chasing anything that moves from squirrels, leaves, rabbits and airplane trails and going turbo in general. I'm the great hunter. Bailey - giving kisses, sleeping on the softest thing I can find and getting my tummy rubbed.

Special talents: Wesley - I know sign language and I can understand when Mom or Dad spells certain words like w-a-l-k, r-i-d-e or b-a-t-h. Bailey - I can sit/balance on my hind-end like bearcub for a long time and Mom says I give the best kisses around!

Most embarrassing moment: Wesley - I don't get embarrased! Bailey - getting my hair shaved when I was first adopted. The Dr. said it was for the best, but I felt so naked!

Most trouble I ever got into: Wesley - I never do anything wrong! Bailey - Even though Mom keeps telling me everything is fine, I always think I'm in trouble. I'm getting better though.

My favorite friends: Wesley - Bailey is my best buddy, except when she disturbs my naps cause she wants to play. Bailey - Wesley has taught me a lot like how to chase things and guard the yard! But I do get a bit overwhelmed when he wants to play and goes turbo!

Biggest adventure: Wesley - every thing is an adventure! Bailey - going on the long ride when Mom & Dad adopted me.

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