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Sebastian, Malcolm, Baxter
Breed: Male Westies
Davie, Florida
Sebastian, Malcolm, Baxter
Sebastian, Malcolm, Baxter
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Born: March '99, March '00, July '01
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Davie, Florida
Weight: 22 lbs, 21 lbs, 1.5 lbs

Favorite food: Sebastian: Nothing. Malcolm: Whatever Sebastian is eating. Baxter: Mommy's milk.

Favorite toy: Sebastian: My "baby". Malcolm: Whatever Sebastian has, and my blue raquetball. Baxter: Don't know yet.

Favorite activity: Sebastian: Sleeping with daddy. Malcolm: Going bye-bye. Baxter: Exploring grass.

Special talents: Sebastian: Finding any newspaper to sleep on. I must have been homeless in a past life. Malcolm: Waking to the alarm radio in the morning and dancing on hind legs while moving my paws. Baxter: Sleeping through all my sibling's puppy-dreams.

Most embarrassing moment: Sebastian: When I fell off the back of the couch while sleeping. Malcolm: When I got into the bathroom garbage and came out with mommy's unmentionables. Baxter: Nothing embarrasses me - I'm a puppy!

Most trouble I ever got into: Sebastian: When I chewed mommy's Mike Alstott hat. I wasn't a Tampa Bay fan yet. Malcolm: When I took off down the street and nobody knew I was out! Baxter: I'm not old enough to find trouble yet!

My favorite friends: Sebastian: Our neighbor Ron, 'cause he watches us sometimes and lets us stay out really long! Malcolm: My brother Sebastian. I let him whip me up sometimes. Baxter: Friends? What's that?

Biggest adventure: Sebastian: A road trip with daddy to Sarasota. Malcolm: When I took off down the street and nobody knew I was out! Baxter: Being let out of this big blue pool.

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