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Woo Woo
Breed: Male Westie
Melbourne, Florida
Woo Woo
Woo Woo
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Born: November, 1992
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Melbourne, Florida
Weight: 25 pounds

Favorite food: Anything that mom, DC (the parrot) or one of the cats is enjoying.

Favorite toy: My babies (stuffed animals) but a sock is always good too.

Favorite activity: Playing tug of war with a sock...chasing the kids when they run in front of my house...suprise attacking one of the cats. Swimming in uncle Beau's pool is fun.

Special talents: I'm a Westie! Everything I do is a talent!!!!

Most embarrassing moment: Ending up in doggie jail for leaving my yard!

Most trouble I ever got into: Jumped off the dock at Grandpa's and into the alligator infested river. Mom had a fit, I just kept swimming, she had to jump into a boat and come and get me...I've never even been allowed to go off the porch when we go see Grandpa since this incident. Another time, I had a friend that was a ferret...we were playing and I chased him into the heater vent that had been left open due to mom and dad laying new flooring...well Fred ran into the vent and come to find out the vent led into the furnace! He was ok though...he came back out during the night sometime...but boy was mom mad at me, she was so worried about Fred! I was just a baby at the time though.

My favorite friends: Baby (cat), Emilee (cat), KiKi (dog next door), Aunt Donna (a human), Tippee (dog across the street) all my babies (stuffed animals)...

Biggest adventure: When we moved from Washington State all the way to Florida! Boy did we have some fun!

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