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Barney Rubble
Breed: Male Westie
New Jersey
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble
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Born: November 2001
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: New Jersey
Weight: 28 pounds (Stocky Fellow)

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Favorite food: Umm I love Cheese.

Favorite toy: Soft cuddly toys I can throw up and catch.

Favorite activity: I love to chase Squirrels, go for walks along the beach, and to go driving in my mum's Jeep. I also like to watch TV with my Mum when the children have gone to bed!

Special talents: I have a very big heart, I Love everyone and I have a special talent of spotting Squirrels when they think they are hidden in the trees!

Most embarrassing moment: I got sprayed by a skunk and had to have all of my hair shaved off I was cold and I looked stupid. Good Job my mum makes great Dog Coats!

Most trouble I ever got into: I chased the horrible cat that lives with me. I slipped on the hard wood floor and pulled a ligament in my knee, my Mum was mad as it cost her a lot of money visitng the nice animal doctor.

My favorite friends: I like to visit Junior he is a French Bull Dog and we play chase. Buddy lives across the fence, we rub noses alot!

Biggest adventure: I came to New Jersey from England on a very big Airplane, the nice people at British Airways looked after me, but I missed my family alot.

Member since 03/12/2005
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