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Binky and Bella
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Horseshoe, North Carolina
Binky and Bella
Binky and Bella
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Born: Jul '01, Dec '02
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Horseshoe, North Carolina
Weight: 21 lbs, 12 lbs

Favorite food: Binky- everything. Bella- picky picky.

Favorite toy: Binky loves Bella, Bella loves Binky, and their favorite stuffed catipillar.

Favorite activity: Best of all, going on rides to see the cows. Second would be playing with each other and chasing bumble bees on Mom's flowers.

Special talents: Binky was a therapy dog until his seizures. Everyone one in pediatric oncology loved him. Bella is just one big goofball and should get the award of the year for that!

Most embarrassing moment: Binky jumped in the display pond one day going in for the rubber ducky. Mom was real embarrassed. Bella chased the Newfoundland puppy in puppy class. 4 lbs. vs. 40 lbs. at that time!

Most trouble I ever got into: Never, we are too spoiled.

My favorite friends: Each other, then Mom and Dad. Of course our cousins Onyx and Ivory are always welcome.

Biggest adventure: Going to the ocean for ten days. We loved the long walks and playing the big "pool".

Member since 07/20/2004
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