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Breed: Male Westie (Jack- Male Scottie)
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Born: August, 2000
Breed: Male Westie (Jack- Male Scottie)
Weight: Not sure, just right!!

Favorite food: Bob- Pepperami's (!) Jack- Pedigree Puppy food.

Favorite toy: Bob- a cuddly popple. Jack- anything of Bob's!

Favorite activity: Bob- avoiding Jack. Jack- chasing Bob and holding on to his whiskers as he runs so he drags me along!!

Special talents: Bob- Westie dancing. Jack- eating people's ears....

Most embarrassing moment: Bob-, Having an accident on the mother in laws carpet. Jack- running headlong into the closed side of the patio doors....I was sneezing for an hour!

Most trouble I ever got into: Bob- I used to set off the burglar alarm when I was a pup. Jack- where do I start?!

My favorite friends: Bob- Jack I guess! Jack- Bob, I do love him really!

Biggest adventure: Bob- My first big snowfall! We walked for miles and it was great! Jack- I'm still too little to go down, but mum carries me around town and everyone makes a fuss of me!!

Member since 05/29/2001
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