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Bonnie & Maggie
Breed: Female Westie and Female Cairn
Long Island, New York
Bonnie & Maggie
Bonnie & Maggie
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Born: January, 2002 and March 2003
Breed: Female Westie and Female Cairn
Residence: Long Island, New York
Weight: both about 20 pounds

Favorite food: Wellness chicken and Iams mini chunk. Also cheese!

Favorite toy: cuz (both), ball (Maggie) and fleece pal who is my (Bonnie)buddy.

Favorite activity: Chasing the spray of the hose when Mommy waters.

Special talents: Bonnie has a special talent of sticking her tongue up people's noses. It always catches them by surprise. And Maggie loves to hit balls around with her paws while having another object in her mouth.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting a hair scrunchy stuck on my face.

Most trouble I ever got into: Digging up the flower garden. Like 10 times.

My favorite friends: Emma a black lab next door. And Cookie a beagle who is very tolerant of us.

Biggest adventure: Going to Aunt Arleen's house and taking an extra step into the pool and-----hey, so this is the doggy paddle!

Member since 06/23/2002
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