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Breed: Male Westie
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
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Born: May, 1992
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Weight: 17 pounds

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Favorite food: Baby carrots and grapes - I prefer the red ones.

Favorite toy: My tennis ball. The squeaky hedge-hog is pretty fun, too.

Favorite activity: Playing soccer and fetch with my ball. I also like playing ice hockey with the tennis ball. I love playing with my kitty, Hobart, too.

Special talents: When told, I can go get my leash and bring it to my mom to have it clipped on.

Most embarrassing moment: I got caught snacking in the kitty's litter box. Mom was not too happy and now there is a barricade up around the litter box.

Most trouble I ever got into: The night I thought my tennis ball was on the dining room table. I pulled the tablecloth off to make it come down and instead the kitty's little fishbowl came down and crashed! There was glass everywhere and the fish went flying. I sat several feet away and acted like I didn't know what happened, but Mom figured it out. She wasn't very happy with me. And the whole time the ball wasn't even on the table!

My favorite friends: Dancer the Doberman is my favorite animal friend. When I go to visit her, we run all over the place and it's especially fun if a deer happens to meander in the yard. I have many Westie friends but my favorite Westies are probably Charlotte, Noelle, Spencer, Willie, and Duncan. We all belong to the same club - the Wayzata Westie Walkers. Maggie, The Downunder Westie, is my cybersweetheart and of course my kitty brother, Hobart T. Harris, is my good friend, too.

Biggest adventure: I have an annual "Big Adventure" when I march in the parade with the Wazyata Westie Walkers in the James J. Hill Days parade. We've had as many as 150 Westies march! Every year we wear a different costume. We've been clowns, train engineers, cowboys and even lumberjacks! We are called "The Parade's Perennial Favorites".

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