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Breed: Male Westie
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Born: August, 1999
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Weight: 19 pounds

Favorite food: Cheese and what ever you have.

Favorite toy: Football and Thomas my cat.

Favorite activity: Going for walks and to visit my friends. Watching TV and taking naps with grandpa.

Special talents: Teaching Mom's rescues MY rules!, and that they can be happy now because they are safe.

Most embarrassing moment: When my grandma to meet me for the 1st time at Christmas and I peed in hr suitcase.

Most trouble I ever got into: Running away from Zoey's house play. I knocked on the door and they called my MOM.

My favorite friends: Ryan the 9yr. old grandson, Zoey the greyhound rescue, Nicki the Shih Tzu and Thomas my cat.

Biggest adventure: Flying home from Oklahoma with Mom and going to Ryan's motocross races. I love it I bark every time he rides pass me on the track. I am cheering him on!

Member since 06/15/2003
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