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Buddy and Poppy
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Hubbard, Iowa
Buddy and Poppy
Buddy and Poppy
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Born: 12/24/2000, 3/3/2001
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Residence: Hubbard, Iowa
Weight: 28 lbs, 20 lbs

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Buddy & Poppy

Favorite food: Buddy- Kipper hearing. Poppy- Bacon.

Favorite toy: Buddy- Chub. Poppy- All of Buddy's toys.

Favorite activity: Buddy- Going for walks. Poppy- Barking at anything that goes by our window.

Special talents: Buddy- Eating. Poppy- Funny howl sound.

Most embarrassing moment: Buddy- Eshewing on main street.

Most trouble I ever got into: Buddy- Getting into the trash can. Poppy- Getting into the trash can.

My favorite friends: Buddy- Poppy, Mom & Dad. Poppy- Buddy, Mom & Dad.

Biggest adventure: Buddy- Comming to a new home and boating. Poppy- Coming home from the shelter.

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