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Casey and Emma
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Chicago, Illinois
Casey and Emma
Casey and Emma
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Born: 1998, Dec '99
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Weight: 17 lbs, 18 lbs

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Favorite food: (Casey): Chicken.
(Emma): Everything.

Favorite toy: (Casey): 1/2 of a long stuffed snake.
(Emma): The other half of Snake.

Favorite activity: (Casey): Running and jumping at every car or truck that goes past my yard.
(Emma): Eating.

Special talents: (Casey): Getting along with my three sisters.
(Emma): Staying out of Annie's way.

Most embarrassing moment: (Casey): I don't get embarrassed.
(Emma): I always run up stairs so fast, sometimes I fall back down.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Casey): Running away from were I use to live, and ending up in a shelter in Leavenworth, Kansas as a stray.
(Emma): Not being very good at potty traning and my first family gave me to a shelter.

My favorite friends: (Casey): Emma, and Annie & Molly my older sisters.
(Emma): Casey, and Molly and sometimes Annie.

Biggest adventure: (Casey): Being rescued by Mom and my car trip from Kansas to Chicago and my new home in the Windy City.
(Emma): Being rescued by Mom and our plane trip from Ashville, NC to Chicago, I was on the floor and was such a good girl (that's what Mom said).

My web page: Casey and Emma's Website
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