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Finlay and Jasper
Breed: Male Westies
Gresham, Oregon
Finlay and Jasper

In Memory of
Cedric 9/1/2005
Sister Sunday 11/2004
Duncan 11/2003
Finlay and Jasper
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Born: October 2003
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Gresham, Oregon
Weight: 17 lbs, 25 lbs

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Favorite food: Finlay: Royal Canin Special
Jasper: Everything!

Favorite toy: Finlay: my orange hammer, my lambie
Jasper: Balls, chews, my brother

Favorite activity: Finny thinks he's a dirt bike mechanic...Jasper loves to chew, play ball and snuggle with mum...They LUV playing tug-o-war with each other!

Special talents: Finny is an excellent soccer player and is learning how to ride on daddy's motorcycle (yes, he has full safety gear!)Jasper sits up like a trained seal and can stay there for hours! Finny also sings beautifully!

Most embarrassing moment: Getting caught with just his tail visible from inside a hole in mommy's garden.

Most trouble I ever got into: See above!

My favorite friends: Diesel- the girly Lab next door and Rudy Patootie- the German Shorthair who comes to visit. Our hu-brother brings Kali to visit, but she's a pit bull and plays a little too rough for us guys:(

Biggest adventure: Go to the National Motocross races with my parents...

My web page: Finlay and Jasper's Website
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